SOUKS HR ASSESSMENT COMPANY was established based on the in-depth understanding of the needs and problems of the industry and the awareness of the challenges facing the market in the region. It is dedicated and committed to serve the business community with exceptional level of management services with the ultimate goal of taking a significant role in the enhancement and success of the industry in the region.

Since its foundation in 1996, Souks has grown to be a major provider of quality services in the following major areas: Business Concept Development and Management Advisory, Human Capital Measurement and Development, and English Language Proficiency Assessment.

SOUKS,  a partner in the region of well-known international  leaders in talent management solution  development, offers the business and academic communities talent management solutions tailored to address  the multitude challenges of human capital management in the region.

SOUKS blended approach in helping organizations choose and implement the right human capital assessment tools provide strong framework for organizations to deal with talent search, selection, and development faster and cost effectively while at the same time keeping employees excel amidst today’s very challenging work environment. Likewise, these assessment solutions help individuals discover their hidden talents and interests, thereby setting the path to their professional goals and ambitions with the end view of achieving success and sustaining global competitiveness.


To be the trusted reference for human capital assessment/selection and organizational practical strategies application in KSA


Delivering first class localized human capital solutions to enable organizations to establish and develop sustainable business strategies


Genuine and not commercially driven advisor

Quality is the aim, quantity is the vehicle.