In the event that your organization have  pool of candidates from your own networks, contacts and any other sources, SOUKS HR Assessment Company can provide assistance in the final stage of the selection process by conducting the Second Opinion Advisory. At this instance, SOUKS HR will assist through the following engagement:



Review position to be filled and job specifications.

Evaluate your shortlisted candidates’  CVs and credentials.

Administer total personality, competency based, and skills assessments to candidates based on prior agreement.

Conduct interview of candidates.

Check candidate’s references as needed.

Submit reports and recommendations.

Through the Second Opinion Advisory, the organization can take advantage of:

In-depth review and evaluation of the candidates for hiring.

Minimize the time consuming and costly process of evaluation.

Free time for  the decision maker to focus more on other critical areas of the operation.

Strengthen decision making process in hiring the most suitable candidate for the position.