Executive Talent Mining Advisory is one of  Souks unique platforms support its clients in  exploring talents through a most objective and scientific means at the most minimum effort and time from their end while maximizing the benefits of Talent Mining Investments.

Every position in the organization is very critical and where there is scarcity of skills in the market particularly in the higher echelon of management , Souks could readily assist companies as a trusted advisor connecting high potential talents considering well established database and excellent contacts within the major cities of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Adopting a unique approach in addressing the Talent Requirements of the organizations, SOUKS shall carry out all or a combination of the following roles:


Study the talent requirements and gain deeper insight of the position specification.

Gather more information and as needed, request the Job Description, available organization chart, etc.

Explore potential talents from databank, contacts and networks.

Evaluate resumes and credentials, and carry out preliminary interview of potential talents.

Recommends talents worth seeing by the client for face-to-face discussion.

Administer Talent Assessment Exercises to short listed talents

Submit Assessment Reports  and CV profiles of short listed talents .

Coordinate with short listed talents the schedule of face-to-face discussion as confirmed by the client.

Assist the client in coordinating with the talent until the final engagement process.